Shannon cheeky daffodils June preorder

Shannon cheeky daffodils June preorder

Regular price $79.90

leggings (12)

   -golden flight

   -the horses

leggings (6)

   -out of this world

   Psychedelic jellies


Total inc post: $159.80

Deposit:  $79.90


 Postage included

This listing is for 50% of total price. You use it twice. First time for deposit, the second time for the remainder. 50% deposit due 13th June 6pm, remainder due before postage (if change of mind after 13th June deposit forfeit as fabric will be purchased).

Fabric will be approx 8-10 weeks to reach me. Then I expect 3-6weeks make time, though this may change depending on volume of orders. I will continue to be very transparent about make times if this changes. Items expected to be finished mid August at the latest.